About Us

What is the Project of Decommissioning and Contaminated Water Management?

For clean-up and decommissioning measures in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the Japanese government has established a fund for decommissioning and contaminated water and supports the technology development using the fund. This project aims at developing the technologies for smooth proceedings of such measures as well as improving the science technology level in Japan.

Our Mission

Having been assigned by the fund establishment organization, we commit to the public solicitation of subsidized project operating entities, procedures of the third-party committee’s review and adoption, progress management of projects conducted by the entities, inspection for the settlement of amount, payments, response to inquiries about this project and so on.

Relation Map of the Project Management Office

Since the start of the subsidized project, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. has been serving as the Management Office with specialist of nuclear energy, project management, etc. We are practicing consistent project management which includes the solicitation of domestic and overseas research and development, the evaluation of proposal/presentation and the adoption, the work related to the subsidy grant, the management of project’s progress, (management of monthly process, the on-site survey, hosting of progress/final report meetings), scrutiny of the subsidy spending (intermediate/final inspection of the subsidy amount), making payment, etc.

Office Location

Toranomon Toyo Building 8th Floor, 4-2, Toranomon 1-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Management Office for the Project of Decommissioning and Contaminated Water Management